Rebirth of the Marquis’ Di Daughter Chapter 22 Second Xiaojie Realizes Her Mistakes and Repents Part 2/3

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Nee Lin did not answer. From the matters today, she could tell that Ke’er did not live up to her expectations. She clearly told her for a long time to stay in bed and not move, but she was provoked by just a few words from Ouyang Nuan. She could not tell this important plan to her now, lest she ruined things. Thus, Nee Lin softened her tone and changed the topic.

“Ke’er, I’m doing this for your own good. You have to remember my words. You are naturally clever, so how can you not be better than Ouyang Nuan? Pay more attention to zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting. I don’t believe that Ouyang Nuan will be better than you in everything. If she’s powerful, you have to be more powerful than her. So what if she’s powerful in the fu? When I take you out to greet guests in the future, people will see how talented my daughter is! I want everyone to know that other than her Ouyang family’s First Xiaojie’s position, she is not comparable to you in any other way.”

Ouyang Ke nodded tearfully. She got out of Nee Lin’s embrace and wiped her tears off. “En. Wang mama, help me tidy up.”


“I heard father’s words. I have to apologize to her. I want everyone to know that I am magnanimous and generous!”

Nee Lin nodded. “Good. Ke’er finally understands mother’s meaning.”


Ouyang Nuan was practicing calligraphy in the study when her first-rank maidservant Zilin reported that Second Xiaojie came.

Sounds of people talking outside could already be heard. Ouyang Nuan smiled and winked at Hongyu. Hongyu and Wenxiu went outside first. Ouyang Nuan dawdled for a long time before leaving her room.


“What is meimei doing here?”

Ouyang Ke saw that Ouyang Nuan came outside and immediately went over. She stammered and explained, “Mother knows about me acting willfully and became angry and sick and scolded me harshly. She wants me to apologize to jiejie. I was dizzy because I was hit too hard. That’s why I said those things and offended jiejie. Jiejie is so magnanimous that you have to forgive me.”


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