Rebirth of the Marquis’ Di Daughter Chapter 22 Second Xiaojie Realizes Her Mistakes and Repents Part 1/3

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Wang mama hurried over to hold back Ouyang Ke. “Second Xiaojie, Furen had already planned it out and invited Laoye over to look at your injury. If you just stayed in bed and said that you hit your head very hard and that the maidservant who bumped into you should be flayed if not dead, Laoye would think that First Xiaojie deliberately had someone bump into you. But you made such a quarrel today. Who will believe that you are injured?! If Furen wasn’t covering for you, why would she faint in front of everyone? Now, Laotaitai has more of a reason to not return the power!”

“I don’t care. She stayed in front of the door and wouldn’t leave. She wanted me to forgive her. I don’t like that face of hers! Everyone in this fu respects and fears her now. She is Ouyang family’s First Xiaojie. What am I? Just because my mother is a second wife, I can’t compare to her? The servants secretly whisper that I am a Shu daughter and my Second Xiaojie status is worthless! Do you know?! It wasn’t like this before! It wasn’t!” Ouyang Ke suddenly exploded. Nee Lin and Wang mama were stunned.

How could Nee Lin not know about the quiet changes in the fu? Ever since Laotaitai valued Ouyang Nuan and Ouyang Nuan dealt with the group of servants, the servants were more in awe of their First Xiaojie. They secretly said that Second Xiaojie was a Shu daughter and incomparable to First Xiaojie’s elegant and noble demeanor who was born from a Marquis’ daughter. But Nee Lin did not expect that these rumors affected Ouyang Ke. Of course she understood Ouyang Ke’s displeasure. She was controlled by people in her [maiden] Marquis’ fu too! Since she became Ouyang Furen, she thought the past had passed. Her dead sister would not stand in her way.

But Ouyang Nuan was outside of Nee Lin’s control now and Ke’er actually became the former Nee Lin. No, Ke’er found it harder than Nee Lin to accept things. In the past, Ouyang Nuan was honest, gentle, and kind, but her scheming means were far behind Ouyang Ke. Now, she was suddenly better than Ouyang Ke in everything. How could Ouyang Ke accept it?

Nee Lin hugged Ouyang Ke again. “Ke’er, listen to me.” Ouyang Ke gradually stopped crying. She had no more energy left to struggle. Nee Lin looked at her daughter’s tearful eyes and was extremely distressed. “I regret only one thing. I should not have been deceived by Ouyang Nuan’s façade. I should have destroyed her earlier. It’s my fault for not noticing it. But you can rest assured, Ke’er. Mother will take revenge for you. She won’t be arrogant for long!”

A ruthless light shone in Nee Lin’s eyes. Ouyang Ke looked at her face and couldn’t help but be afraid. “Mother, what are you going to do?”


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