Rebirth of the Marquis’ Di Daughter TEASER: Chapter 14 Part 3/3

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This question was very difficult to answer.

Ouyang Nuan’s expression was a bit bewildered. “Grandmother, didn’t father say so?”

“Huh! He said it, so you believe it?! A man his age can’t even manage a woman.” Nee Li snorted and a cold light flashed from her eyes.

Ouyang Nuan slightly smiled and moved the scattered hair away from her forehead. “Don’t blame mother, grandmother. Father just married a new yiniang. Mother can’t understand your kind intentions so she offended you in confusion. She’ll be okay after she comes to her senses. As for meimei, her resentment is inevitable upon seeing her biological mother upset. She’s just a little child who’s not very sensible. Don’t bother about her, grandmother.”

These words seemed to be speaking up for Nee Lin and Ouyang Ke, but the more Nee Li thought, the more she thought that Nee Lin was deliberately being pretentious. Ouyang Ke also followed along in being arrogant. Nee Li’s face indeed turned more and more unpleasant. She lightly patted Ouyang Nuan’s hand. “You’re more sensible than them both.”

Ouyang Nuan lowered her eyes, in a very modest appearance. The biggest advantage being close to Nee Lin for so many years was that she understood Nee Lin very well. Nee Lin was once a Marquis fu’s [main residence, manor] Shu [born from concubine] daughter and very careful. But after ten years being the main furen; having the stepdaughter’s love; having a biological daughter by her side; having her husband’s doting; controlling the whole Ouyang fu; receiving praise that she was virtuous, gentle, generous, kind, and an example for women; she was no longer the Shu daughter who married, with fear and trepidation, into the Marquis fu as a second wife.

Because of this, Nee Lin thought that the days of her lowering her head to please others were over. Who knew that she would be shamed by Laotaitai in public? Thus, she immediately retaliated against Laotaitai. But this time, she bumped against the muzzle of a gun. Nee Li was narrow-minded and sought revenge for the smallest of grievances. She cared about her son and grandson the most. Nee Lin was like a conniving, malicious woman hurting her beloved grandson. Secondly, Nee Lin was preventing her son from expanding the family line and leaving behind more descendants for the Ouyang family. She was guilty of violating Laotaitai’s biggest taboo. Even if Nee Lin controlled the whole Ouyang fu, she could not challenge Laotaitai’s authority. Even if Nee Lin was smooth and clever, without her mother-in-law’s favor, she wouldn’t end up well.

As for Ouyang Zhi, he did value Nee Lin as his wife. However, he liked his ancestry and social status more. Laotaitai just had him marry a concubine and Nee Lin and her daughter immediately pretended to be sick and not pay their respects. This was clearly undermining Laotaitai’s face. If it was spread out, it would be a crime of being unfilial and severely impact his reputation. At the same time, there was a sweet Li Yiniang from the Li side of the family. Therefore, the choice that Ouyang Zhi would make was easy to imagine.

Ouyang Nuan lowered her head and drank her tea. There would be a show to see tomorrow.


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