Rebirth of the Marquis’ Di Daughter [重生之高门嫡女] TEASER: Chapter 14 It’s Not Easy Pretending to Be Sick Part 1/3

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At this time, Ouyang Nuan and Ouyang Jue were sitting on the veranda, admiring the plum blossoms in the courtyard. The warm winter sun shone onto their bodies and the unique fragrance of the plum blossoms filled their noses. They were very comfortable.

When she married into the Su family in her previous life, there was also a plum blossom tree in the courtyard. When she pushed the window open in the wintertime, she could clearly see each plum blossom bud. It made her felt very happy and content. When she first married, she always fantasized that when she had a child, she would hold that child and sunbathe on a lounge on the veranda. They would look at the sea of flowers, smell the fragrance, and be happy. But she had never experienced that kind of comfortable and happy day even once. After she married into the Su family, she had only experienced endless persecution and torture. The happiness she dreamt about was ruined by those people…… Ouyang Nuan slowly closed her eyes.

Ouyang Jue laid his head on her arm and softly said, “Jiejie [literally: “older sister,” can be used to denote familiarity], why aren’t you talking? Did you fall asleep? You didn’t sleep well last night?”

Ouyang Nuan gently said, “Jue’er [suffix to denote familiarity], look how beautiful your courtyard is. Jiejie thinks it’s great.”

Ouyang Jue twisted his lips. “I see this sight ever since I was young. I don’t feel that way after looking at it for so long. The plum blossoms are blooming brilliantly now. But a gust of wind will scatter them all over the ground, making a mess. Besides, there are some annoying people in the house. No matter how beautiful the courtyard is, I will still be uncomfortable.”

Ouyang Nuan opened her eyes and slightly smiled. “Really a silly child, but your words aren’t bad.”

Ouyang Jue hugged her arm. “But now, since I have jiejie with me, I will reluctantly put up with them!” He looked seriously at Ouyang Nuan. “Jiejie, will you always stay with me?”

Ouyang Nuan looked at Ouyang Jue with clear eyes. “Jue’er, jiejie alive one day means jiejie will stay with you one day.”

“En! Jiejie protects me and I have to grow up to protect jiejie!” Ouyang Jue vowed again and Ouyang Nuan lightly smiled.

Perhaps the sun was too warm today, but after Ouyang Jue said those words, he fell asleep holding onto Ouyang Nuan’s arm. Hongyu immediately went into the house and retrieved a blanket to put on him. Ouyang Nuan caressed Jue’er’s black hair and softly said, “For your sake, so what if I become a malevolent ghost…?”

In this lifetime, her most precious treasure was Jue’er. If anyone dared to touch him, she would make those people live a life worse than death!


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