Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 88.9

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As she was playing happily, she heard Yu Lanxuan’s childish voice that gave people goosebumps ring out behind her. “Jiejie, aren’t you participating in the competition? If you win, you can participate in Taizi fu’s banquet. You can see the Emperor then.”

Zi You slowly turned around and looked at Yu Lanxuan’s fawning smile. She lazily shook her head. “I don’t mind telling you. What do I have to compete with?”

Yu Lanxuan’s eyes showed disappointment. Her words were a trap for Zi You. If Zi You said that she didn’t want to participate in the competition, it was tantamount to saying she didn’t want to see the Emperor.

At this time, Fourth Gongzhu showed up intending to make things difficult for Zi You.

However, Zi You saw through Yu Lanxuan’s trick. She wasn’t fooled and did not answer the way they wanted her to.

Fourth Gongzhu was angry. She suddenly loudly laughed. “Ah! Are you serious? You really don’t know anything? Tch… Even if you came from a military family and put martial arts first, you can’t not know how to do anything right? Is it because your mother was a vulgar southern barbarian tribeswoman and didn’t know anything so she couldn’t teach you?”

In Jingdu, the southern barbarians were synonomous with barbarism, ignorance, vulgarity, coarseness, and lowliness.

Shangguan Lingluo saying that about Dier was tantamount to insulting Dier.

Zi You’s anger rose to the extreme. Seeking death! You actually dared to insult my mother. If I don’t teach you a lesson, I won’t be from a military family.

Her anger turned to laughter. She revealed a smile similar to hundreds of flowers blooming and said extremely charmingly, “Chennu’s [literally: “this official’s daughter, used in speaking to royalty] mother is the child of Indian royalty and a Great Yan citizen. Even if Gongzhu studies her whole life, Gongzhu cannot touch the tip of the iceberg of my mother’s talents. Not convinced? Let Gongzhu compete with Chennu. If Gongzhu loses, Gongzhu must apologize to Chennu!”


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