Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 88.8

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Shangguan Botao couldn’t stand his sister’s and her friends’ threats and shamelessness. He could only promise them that he would take care of Zi You.

In fact, Shangguan Botao did not want to provoke Mu Zi You. When she gracefully walked in earlier, he thought a fairy descended from the heavens. He was stunned for a long time.

So while this wangzi promised to make things difficult for Zi You, he was thinking he had to seize an opportunity to help her and not make her sad.

In fact, for him, even if Zi You was a straw-bag [idiot] and didn’t know anything, she was so beautiful. Why did she need talents? Her uncommon appearance alone was enough!

Zi You knew this was Fourth Gongzhu and the other xiaojies’ plan to humiliate her.

These people believed the false information that Yu Lanxuan gave them and really thought that she didn’t have any talents.

The previous life’s Zi You was a fool. She believed in Wang Yiping’s words that “a woman’s virtue is to have no talent.” If she didn’t read “Female Virtues” and “Female Discipline” all day, then she was copying scriptires. So she didn’t know the four arts of zither, chess, calligraphy, or painting. Otherwise, Zi You wouldn’t have lost out to Yu Lanxuan who hooked Zhao HongXiang with two lousy poems.

This lifetime, in order not to lose face for her mother and improve herself, she didn’t put less effort in a variety of skills than what she put in medicine and martial arts. It was just that she didn’t tell anyone else except grandfather, uncle, and aunt.

Zi You lazily sat on a chair in the pavilion. She looked at the people with slight ridicule. She busied herself with the brush, ink, and paper. She finally turned around and stopped looking at them. She leisurely drank tea and teased the koi fish in the pond.


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