Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 88.4

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Yu Lanxuan? Zi You took a look. Yes, this was the evil woman who should be in hell. Like Wang Yiping, she had a pair of single-lidded phoenix eyes, sharp chin, small cherry mouth, and thin lips. She looked like a vixen. She always had on flattering smiles that were 30% false.

It was only that in her past life, Zi You saw Yu Lanxuan in Mu YingRui’s circle.

After Mu YingRui returned from his task, Wang Yiping personally introduced Yu Lanxuan to Zi You.

Meeting an enemy, one’s eyes turned red in rage. Zi You hated that she couldn’t tear apart this treacherous and vicious slut. But thinking of her plan for revenge, Zi You kept a small, sweet smile on her face. She quietly looked at this little yatou who was even shorter than herself and smiled, without saying a word.

Liu Ruixue was also not too fond of this falsely-smiling little guniang. She looked at her, half-curtsied, and asked faintly, “Why aren’t you with your sister? Aren’t you Yu Xiaojie’s little sister?”

Yu Lanxuan’s single-lidded phoenix eyes become misty with tears. Her originally harsh features became a lot frailer. “Gongzhu refuses to let Xuan’er [how she refers to herself] be with them. She threw me out.”

“Why?” The straightforward Ji Bingyu asked. She looked at Yu Lanxuan full of sympathy.

Yu Lanxuan’s heart was secretly proud, but her face was indignant. She pointed to Zi You and spoke lowly, very aggrieved, “Because I said this jiejie looks very pretty, Fourth Gongzhu got angry. She told me, ‘Since you like her, then go to her. Don’t stay here.’ I don’t know what I said wrong. This jiejie is really very beautiful. Why wouldn’t she let people say it?”

Liu Ruixue, Ji Bingyu, and Xia Ruoqing looked at Yu Lanxuan with pity. They were almost deceived by her.

If Zi You did not know her true face, she was afraid she would be deceived too.

But she had already died once. She understood Yu Lanxuan’s true nature all too well. So she had a languid smile on her face while looking at the seemingly harmless little white flower. Until Yu Lanxuan felt uneasy and did not dare to look her in the eyes, did Zi You slowly said, “Such a silly little yatou. Offending the Gongzhu because of me; it’s really not worth it.”


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