Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 88.3

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Shangguan Lingluo was already extremely jealous that her limelight was suppressed by Zi You and her Taizi gege’s eyes were staring at Zi You. Now that the flames were fanned by Yu Lanxuan, her anger burned more fiercely.

She turned her head and fiercely glared at Yu Lanxuan. She gritted her teeth and asked, “Is she more beautiful than Bengong [literally: this palace, how the female royal families (with own palaces) refer to themselves]?”

Yu Lanxuan pretended to be afraid and hesitantly shook her head.

She wasn’t that kind. She did that so that Fourth Gongzhu would hate Zi You even more. At one glance, one would think that Yu Lanxuan was afraid of her Gongzhu identity and forced to shake her head.

Mu Zi You was indeed more beautiful than her. How could Fourth Gongzhu bear it?

Fourth Gongzhu turned around and she revealed a malevolent expression. She suddenly pointed to Yu Lanxuan. “You go stay by Mu Zi You’s side. Don’t stay by Bengong’s side.”

Yu Lanxuan previously had no way to incite Zi You. She heard these words and was overjoyed.

But she deliberately looked fawningly at Shangguan Lingluo. She shook her head, “Nubi is Gongzhu’s servant. If dead, nubi will still be Gongzhu’s ghost. Nubi will never betray Gongzhu.”

Shangguan Lingluo revealed a complacent smile. She told Yu Lanxuan, “En. You are smart. Find a way to get close to Mu Zi You. Ask her what her talents are and what she’s the most lacking in. Bengong will have her humiliated and disgraced. Go cuikly. If you perform well, Bengong will reward you heavily.”

Yu Lanxuan immediately curtsied and went towards Zi You.

At this time, Zi You was conversing with Liu Ruixue, Xia Ruoqing, and Ji Bingyu. She saw Yu Lanxuan come over smilingly and curtsied. “Paying respects to four jiejies. Nubi is called Yu Lanxuan.”


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