Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 88.2

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One of them was Fourth Gongzhu [princess, usually daughter of the Emperor] Shangguan Lingluo, whom the Emperor doted on. One was Third Wangzi’s fiancée Wen Chuyan. One was the Yu Meilian who was laughed at by An Wang Shizi. One was the Minister of Appointments’ Di granddaughter Ke Yuner. Shen Biqian was a cabinet minister’s youngest daughter. And the last one was Yu Meilian’s Shu sister, Yu Lanxuan, Zi You’s enemy from her previous life.

Although Shen Biqian was a Shu daughter, she was born from the cabinet minister’s most favored concubine. Because she was beautiful and cute, she was valued by the minister. To show off his generosity to his officials, the Emperor called Shen Biqian in to be Fourth Gongzhu’s study partner.

She was called a study partner, but was actually a high-ranking servant and playmate. Fourth Gongzhu originally had a bad temper. She frequently scolded and abused Shen Biqian. This little yatou seemed to respect her on the surface, but hated her to death in her heart.

Now let’s talk about this Yu Lanxuan. Originally, her Di mother, Née Lu, would never bring her to such a gathering. But last night, her minister husband for some reason went to Sixth Yiniang Wang Yaping, whom he had not slept with for half a year.

Wang Yaping gave it her all and the minister was very comfortable. The reward was for Yu Meilian to bring her younger sister to this gathering.

Although Yu Lanxuan was not old, just three months older than Zi You, her thoughts were already deep. Along with her actress grandmother and Aunt Wang Yiping, she belonged to the malicious category.

When she heard her Di sister and other xiaojies deride Zi You, she was silent with an appropriate smile on her face, like a harmless little white flower. But her heart was pondering how she could tell these people’s words to Mu Zi You and get her angry. Then she would urge Fourth Gongzhu to make trouble for Zi You. The two parties would fight. That would be wonderful.

Just then her Di sister, Yu Meilian said, “What’s so great about her?! She looks like an alluring demon. You guys didn’t see. That day in Duke Yongnan fu, her eyes sometimes appeared to be purple. It’s so strange and so scary!”

The little yatou went along with her sister’s words. With a sweet smile on her voice, she said coyly, “But maybe that’s exactly why people look at her? Isn’t there a saying that the rarer something is, the greater its value? Fourth Gongzhu is very beautiful, but the wangzis see Gongzhu everyday in the Palace. But this jiejie rarely shows her face. It is normal that people look at her more. This jiejie is indeed very beautiful!”


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