Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 88.1 Don’t Think That She Would Lower Her Noble Head! [1]

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Née Liu knew that when someone used to look at Zi You before, Zi You would lower her head in embarrassment and be afraid to look at people. She was afraid that people would talk about her alien facial traits.

Now seeing Zi You not caring about that in Duke Anguo fu, Née Liu put down her heart.

Knowing that Zi You no longer felt inferior about her identity or her appearance, Née Liu let go of her worries.

Of course Zi You felt the noble gongzis and xiaojies looking at her with eyes of amazement, jealousy, envy, infatuation, and resentment.

It was just that after her previous life’s tragic experiences, her mentality was like a pool of dead water, with not even a ripple.

It was like that famous poem: “Enemy troops besieged, I stand motionless.”

She still didn’t know whether the people in front of her right now were enemies. But she would never lightly treat someone as a friend again.

Actually, her eyes had been looking at these people too. Her eyes measured who had kind gazes and who had malicious gazes.

This lifetime, she would not foolishly confuse enemies with friends.

Zi You was so eye-catching that of course she drew the envy of the noble xiaojies. Five or six of them sitting in the pavilion immediately started to disparage her.


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