Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 87.8

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If she was as elegant as lilies in Duke Yongnan fu, then she was like the red peony with morning dew in the garden today. Luxurious and graceful, of national grace and divine fragrance, the outstanding one in any group!

So once she appeared, she attracted everyone’s gazes and admiration.

Compared to Duke Yongnan fu’s banquet, Duke Anguo fu’s banquet was on a much grander and bustling scale.

Today, not only did the Emperor’s older and younger brothers bring their families along, but even Taizi and Taizifei [legitimate consort of Taizi] were here.

Who would dare to not give face to the Empress Dowager’s maiden family? The Emperor touted filial piety to the world. Although he could not do everything the Empress Dowager said, but on the surface, he dared not be too disobedient.

Taizifei was the Empress’ niece. The Empress was Imperial Tutor She’s Di daughter. Taizifei’s father was the Empress’ biological younger brother.

Because one Empress and one Taizifei were from the She family, the Emperor was also afraid of and restraining the Imperial Tutor fu. Even Taizi was nervous. He was afraid the Emperor would be unhappy one day and remove his Taizi position.

After all, the Emperor did not only have one son. Third Wangzi Shangguan Boyu’s civil and martial arts skills were not below Taizi’s and he was very favored by the Emperor.

Old General Mu’s military exploits were outstanding and his prestige was very high. He had the best martial arts in Great Yan and was the most qualified general. The Emperor trusted and relied on him heavily. So he was someone that all the forces wanted to rope in.


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