Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 87.5

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Wang Yiping fainted after kneeling in the ancestral hall for two days. She had to be carried out.

Zi You went to visit her with a food box in the meantime. Seeing Wang Yiping battered and exhausted kneeling for her mother, Zi You felt like she ate a big watermelon in the hottest days of summer. It was so refreshing!

Slut, this was just the beginning. I want you to be just like me in my previous life. After you die, you would be scolded for not being virtuous, humiliated, and rejected by your family.

Zi You was filled with hatred, but she put on a distressed face. She took out the food and looked around. She whispered, “Mother, quickly eat some food. I stole it from the kitchen. Nobody saw me.”

Wang Yiping looked up and saw Zi You in the candlelight. Her anger rushed forwards. How could she eat? Zi You was the one who brought on all her suffering.

Zi You should hate her for injuring her. But now she stole food for her?

Was this yatou pretending to be distressed or was she really distressed? If she was pretending, at such a young age with such deep thoughts, it was too scary! She was only twelve years old.

Zi You saw Wang Yiping phoenix eyes gloomily look at her, like a poisonous snake. She was suspicious. Immediately pretending to be anxious, Zi You said, “Quickly eat, mother. It won’t taste good if it’s cold.”

Wang Yiping was cold and hungry. She really wanted to eat the food Zi You brought. But was afraid that Zi You poisoned it, so she looked at the tempting red braised pork ribs and rice and salivated.

Zi You saw through her concerns. She used the chopsticks to throw a piece of rib in her mouth. While chewing, she whispered, “En. It’s really fragrant. Mother, have a taste. It’s really good.”

After seeing Zi You eat, then Wang Yiping picked up the chopsticks. She wolfed the food down, paying no attention to her image.


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