Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 87.4

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Zi You gave that embroidery needle a name: Silver Light Rain. It was really like fine, light drizzles of rain.

This was something she specially created after she lost to Shangguan LingRan in the market. It was to be used in dealing with situations like this.

Earlier, Zhao HongXiang felt that his legs were slightly uncomfortable. The doctor thought it was some insect bite so he didn’t pay much attention to it.

Duke Yongnan furen lowered her posture so much and Old General Mu could not blame a woman. Therefore, he resumed his friendship with Duke Yongnan fu.

When Duke Yongnan brought up the matter of marriage between the two families, Old General Mu immediately refused because he had a bad impression of Née Chen.

Duke Yongnan entreated piteously. He kneeled to Old General Mu. “Old General, I’m really sincere in wanting You’er to be my daughter-in-law. Since my son was saved by You’er last time, he had vowed that he would marry no one but her. You wouldn’t watch my son be a bachelor right?”

Old General Mu was in a dilemma. He had no other solutions so he delayed him. “You’er is still young. She’s only twelve years old. It’s too early for an engagement. Let’s talk after two years.”

Like this, he sent Duke Yongnan away.

Three days after the Mid-Autumn Festival, Duke Anguo fu was holding a banquet. Duke Anguo fu was the maiden family of the current Empress Dowager and also Zi You’s Aunt, Née Liu’s, father’s elder brother’s family.

Duke Anguo’s fourth Di daughter, Liu Ruixue, was also a friend Zi You just made. She had already been titled Taizi Cefei. Before the Mid-Autumn Festival of next year, she would be married to Taizi.


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