Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 87.3

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After he finished speaking, Old General Mu ignored Duke Yongnan’s frantic calls behind him and left Duke Yongnan fu with large strides.

The next day, Duke Yongnan brought his wife and son over to apologize.

Née Chen clutched Zi You’s hand and tearfully said, “You’er, Aunt is muddle-headed. Don’t lower yourself to Aunt’s level. I did not stop Xiang’er because he always said that he wanted to thank you in person for saving him. So, I did not stop him from entering the study that day. You’er, tell the truth. Did he do something disrespectful that you resent him for? If that’s the case, Aunt is here to apologize for him. Don’t blame him. Blame Aunt for letting him see you in private.”

The tone of voice was sincere and the attitude was genuine. If Zi You did not experience her previous life and Née Chen’s hypocrisy and maliciousness, Zi You would have been fooled again.

With the lesson from her previous life, she not only did not believe her, but she would not fully believe in anyone, expect for her grandfather, uncle, aunt, and a few loyal servants anymore.

For her plan of vengeance, Zi You chose to smile gently. “Aunt, you speak too seriously. Why would You’er hate Shizi? He didn’t do anything. He thanked me for saving him last time and then I left. I don’t know who made him faint. Aunt, is Shizi alright?”

Née Chen shook her head and released a sigh of relief. The truth was that Zhao HongXiang still could not recall what happened in the study.

He only remembered that he and Zi You were talking. She smiled at him, but he could not recall the rest.

Even if he was asked if he said something disrespectful to Zi You, he could not remember.

The good thing was that there was nothing else wrong with his body or Née Chen would go crazy.

Née Chen did not expect that the thin-as-a-cow-hair embroidery needle in the back of Zhao HongXiang’s knee would make her son suffer indescribable misery a few days later. Finally, the joint cavity would repeatedly become infected. The cause was not found and he was almost lame. In the end, Zi You cured him.


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