Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 87.2

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Old General Mu saw that his granddaughter was so sensible and felt sorrier for her. He smiled and softly reassured her, “Be good. Go back with your Aunt and Uncle. Grandfather will uphold justice for you here. Don’t worry. No matter who wants to bully you, grandfather will not agree!”

This kind of family! Zi You nodded and secretly swore to herself that she would safely protect her family this lifetime and not let them die early!

On one side, Mu YingYi and Née Liu brought Zi You away and returned to the Manor without saying goodbye.

On the other side, Old General Mu angrily went to find Duke Yongnan. He first asked about Zhao HongXiang’s condition. Duke Yongnan deeply sighed. “Ai… there’s nothing serious. The Imperial Doctor said that he might have encountered some drugged mist and suddenly fainted. Fortunately, this mist wasn’t harmful. The person did not want my son’s life. But I asked Xiang’er. Xiang’er doesn’t remember what happened. It’s really strange.”

At this point, Duke Yongnan was a bit embarrassed. He carefully said, “Old General Mu, we have been friends for many years. If junior [referring to himself] says something wrong, please forgive me. It’s like this: my furen said that Xiang’er and You’er saw each other once in the study. I’m afraid… I’m afraid Xiang’er did something impolite to You’er so she retaliated in punishment. I remember that You’er has medical skills, right?”

 Old General Mu’s fuse was lit. With an ashen face, he said to Duke Yongnan, “You’er studied medicine to save people, not to use hallucinogens. What does your furen actually want to do? You’er at least saved your son’s life last time. Even if you do not repay the kindness, you can’t bite the hand that feeds you right? I won’t talk about you secretly arranging a private meeting between You’er and your son. But when your son is in trouble, you publicly went to find You’er and berate her, suspecting that You’er harmed your son.

“That’s ridiculous! Your son is older than You’er by three years and is male. This general wants to ask you, how did your son manage to let You’er drug him? Is he so obedient that he’ll do whatever You’er tells him to? Whatever your son did, go ask him. You’er doesn’t know anything. She saw your son went in[to the study] and immediately left. You think our Mu fu’s family upbringing is like yours, lacking etiquette? Zhao Dexuan, I thought you weren’t a bad person so I’m friends with you. I didn’t think you’re so muddle-headed. Forget it, let’s break off our friendship now.”


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