Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 87.1 Zi You Splendidly Startles People at Duke Anguo Fu

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After Née Chen left, Née Liu thought a bit. She thanked An Wangfei and then told Zi You, “Let’s go. We should take a look at what’s going on too. Don’t let someone inexplicably blame you for no reason.”

An Wangfei also nodded. “You’re right. Go tell Old General Mu the words that Née Chen said earlier.”

Née Liu and Zi You curtsied gratefully. They then went towards Zhao HongXiang’s study.

On their way, Zi You told Née Liu what happened when she saw Zhao HongXiang in the study. She concealed that Zhao HongXiang was a rogue. She hid that she controlled him and encountered someone saving her.

Née Liu quickly found her husband and father-in-law. She told them what happened after Née Chen called Zi You away. She also told them the words Née Chen said earlier to Old General Mu.

Old General Mu’s face turned gloomy. Compared to before, his impression of Née Chen was significantly lowered.

He really couldn’t tell that the smiling furen was so distasteful. If you like our You’er, you should have asked for our opinion. After we agreed, you could just send a matchmaker to set the engagement. How could you connive with your son to let him and You’er meet alone?

Moreover, what did You’er have to do with your son fainting? Why did you take your anger out on our You’er? You think it is easy bullying a motherless child?

The more he thought, the angrier Old General Mu was. He told Née Liu and Mu YingYi, “Take You’er back. I’ll go ask Duke Yongnan what’s the meaning of this. Is he bullying our General’s Manor for having no one around? Or is it because You’er is honest and has no mother, so she can be bullied?”

Zi You grabbed her grandfather’s hand and lovably rubbed her red eyes. “Grandfather, I’m fine. Don’t worry. Don’t quarrel with Uncle [the Duke] and speak nicely.”


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