Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 86.2 Née Liu and An Wangfei Support Zi You

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An Wangfei did not continue speaking, but others understood what she meant. The eyes that everyone looked at Née Chen with were filled with condemnation.

Minister of Revenue furen Née Lu was originally excited to see Zi You being reprimanded. But she did not expect this darned yatou to be so lucky. First Née Liu and now An Wangfei spoke out in support of her.

Seeing how much An Wangfei liked Zi You and thinking of her own daughter’s humiliation, Née Lu couldn’t help but step forwards. Laughing strangely, she said, “Could it be Wangfei likes Mu Xiaojie? Aiyo! Duke Yongnan furen, I suggest you swallow this anger. Mu Xiaojie has such a strong support backing her. What can you do to her?”

Zi You was silently angered! She cried even harder in An Wangfei’s arms and directed her spiritual power at Née Lu. Née Lu had not sit down when her skirt and under-trousers both fell down. Her two white legs were revealed.

An Wangfei laughed like flowers shaking. “Lu furen, even if you are excited, you cannot lose your dignity in public! Ah? Haha…”

Everyone wanted to laugh. But they thought about it, thought it was wrong, and didn’t laugh. However, not laughing was suffocating them. Thus, the noble furens and xiaojies’ expressions were really interesting to look at. Their facial muscles were twisted and trembling. It was extremely funny.

Fortunately, at this time, a servant reported that the Shizi was awake.

Née Chen couldn’t be bothered to make trouble for Zi You anymore and hurriedly left.


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