Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 86.1 Née Liu and An Wangfei Support Zi You

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She then cried with grief in Née Liu’s arms. “Aunt… what do I do? How can such a thing happen? If Shizi doesn’t wake up, would You’er… You’er be falsely accused of murder? But You’er is really wronged! You’er has no grievance or animosity with Shizi. Why would… You’er hurt him? And how could You’er hurt him?”

Zi You gained everyone’s sympathy and clarified one fact. She had no grievance or animosity with Zhao HongXiang so why would she hurt him? And how could a little guniang hurt a man bigger than her?

Sure enough, An Wangfei could not listen any longer. She couldn’t help but touch Zi You with pity and softly comforted, “Don’t be afraid. You’er, things aren’t so serious. Nothing will happen to the Shizi. Even if something does happen, who would believe a little guniang like you can hurt such a big man? You have to have that ability, right? Look at your delicate and weak hands and arms. How can you hurt a big man a few years older than you? No one will believe it.”

This An Wangfei was really nice! Zi You was grateful that she extended a helping hand time and time again. It was like she saw her own biological mother. She threw herself into An Wangfei’s bosom and cried loudly in grievance. “Wangfei… wuu…”

An Wangfei had no daughters and only her precious son Shangguan LingRan. Now that Zi You’s soft and fragrant body was crying in her arms, her tender motherly feelings couldn’t help but be stirred.

Thinking over Zi You’s words, she got angrier and immediately stood up for Zi You. “Actually, now what I think about it, Duke Yongnan furen’s own actions are wrong. Since you had You’er wait in the study, why did you not stop your son from going into the study when you saw him? You’er is right. Men and women should maintain distance. Don’t you know? Or do you have something… Aiyo! It really is so! Gee…”


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