Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 85.2 The Scheme Failed, Née Chen Loses Control [2]

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Née Chen was also adaptable. After being rebuked by Née Liu, she immediately had tears in her eyes. With a tearful face, she explained to Née Liu, “Please don’t be angry at me. I was anxious so my words were thoughtless. But I did not mean to reproach You’er. I just wanted to ask clearly. I saw Xiang’er walk into the study and You’er was still inside. You’er is fine, but Xiang’er is … is unconscious…”

Née Chen’s tears flowed. She had an expression of a loving mother who was worried about her son and thus, lost control. But the eyes she looked at Zi You with were still suspicious and resentful.

There was no other way. She was unhappy about Zi You’s origins. And after this matter, she wanted to see Zi You even less.

Zi You secretly sneered. This matter was indeed the work of mother and son colluding together. Such a conspiracy wanted to make her lose her reputation and obediently be at their mercy.

As such, I would let you move a rock just to crush your own foot!

Zi You’s tears also came quickly. Glistening tears like pearls gushed down. Her body shook like falling leaves in the intense cold. Her voice was frail enough to have people take pity on her. “If Aunt knows I was in the study, why did you let Shizi go in? If Shizi goes in, You’er can’t come out? Although, You’er is young, she knows that men and women should maintain distance. It is not appropriate for a man and woman to be alone in a room together. So, after Shizi entered, You’er hastened to leave. When You’er left, Shizi was fine. How would I know there would be an incident?”


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