Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 85.1 The Scheme Failed, Née Chen Loses Control [2]

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Née Liu had just finished speaking when Née Chen came over looking unhappy to find Zi You. In a blaming tone, she asked, “You’er, didn’t I tell you to wait in the study? Why did you come back? When did you come back? When Xiang’er went into the study, where were you?”

Zi You saw that Née Chen had a fierce expression and pretended to be afraid and hid behind Née Liu.

Indeed, Née Liu was unhappy and stood up in front of Zi You. She coldly said, “What is Duke Yongnan furen doing? You want to bully people? Whatever You’er did wrong, she has the General Manor’s elders to discipline her. When is it someone else’s turn to reprimand her? Preposterous. You’er, let’s go. We would choke on this meal.”

Née Chen never would have thought that Née Liu would not give her face publicly. Née Chen’s face instantly turned the color of a monkey’s butt.

Because of her son’s matter, she was taking her anger out on Zi You. She always thought that this foreign Zi You was an inauspicious person. Otherwise, how could her son be fine going to see her in the study, but suddenly fainted and couldn’t be awoken?

She originally thought that Née Liu was only Zi You’s aunt, since Zi You’s biological mother died. And since the relations between the two families weren’t bad, Née Liu would at most be unhappy if Née Chen reprimanded Zi You harshly. Née Liu would certainly not publicly stand up for Zi You.

But things turned out unexpectedly. She didn’t think Née Liu would publicly defend Zi You and put Née Chen in an awkward situation.

If she really let Née Liu take Zi You away like this, then the hatred between Duke Yongnan fu and General’s Manor would be forged. After all, whether her son’s accident had anything to do with Mu Zi You was not clear. She was not sure that Mu Zi You caused her son to be unconscious.


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