Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 84.2 The Scheme Failed, Née Chen Loses Control [1]

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Once Old General Mu heard the news, he would be very angry. He would rush there in anger to find out what was going on.

In the study, as long as he found Zi You and Zhao HongXiang alone together, whether or not anything happened, Mu Zi You would certainly have to marry Zhao HongXiang. Even if Old General Mu did not agree, Née Chen would make this matter known to the world.

In the previous lifetime, Duke Yongnan fu wanting to marry Zi You over went very smoothly. Because Zi You was not as outstanding then as she was now. She rarely participated in social gatherings. Even when she attended, no one noticed her. It wasn’t like now, where she was noticed by An Wangfei early on.

Moreover, Zhao HongXiang did not want to marry Zi You so desperately to the point where he wouldn’t marry anyone if it wasn’t her. Back then, Zi You was engaged to him at the age of fourteen. Before then, he already had six or seven tongfang yatous.

If Zi You was not deceived by him, Old General Mu had no intentions of marrying her to Zhao HongXiang. How could an upright Old General Mu put a lustful Zhao HongXiang in his eyes?

As Old General Mu predicted, Zhao HongXiang really was a slag male of the highest degree!

Zi You returned back to Née Liu’s side. She pretended to be ignorant and said in a voice all the guests could hear, “Aunt, I don’t know what’s the matter. Aunt Chen [Née Chen] said that Duke Yongnan and grandfather wanted to see You’er. She had You’er wait in the study. But You’er waited a long time and didn’t see grandfather or the Duke. Aunt Chen said she would go see, but where did she go? Did she come back? And what did grandfather and the Duke wanted to find You’er for? I left the study and found the way back here with difficulties. I asked for directions, but the fu’s maidservants pointed me east and some pointed me west. I walked around in circles and almost fainted.”

Née Liu frowned. She lovingly pulled Zi You to sit next to herself. She said in discontent, “You sit down and rest. If there really is some matter, grandfather will send someone to fetch you.”


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