Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 83.2 The Young Ruffian An Wang Shizi

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The Xuantian Jue that Shangguan LingRan practiced was Xuanyuan Sect’s exclusive internal energy method. At the eighth stage, one’s body would be impenetrable to weapons and hundreds of poisons. At the ninth stage, in addition to one’s body being impenetrable to weapons and hundreds of poisons, one would also be immune to fire, water, and death. A diamond-plated body would also come easily. At the tenth stage, one could fly to the heavens or the earth and become immortal.

Shangguan LingRan was young, but a genius in Daoism. At the age of two and a half, he was accepted as the direct disciple of Xuanyuan Sect’s 157th sect master, the now immortal and more than 1,000 years old Xuanyuan Daozhang [Daoist priest]. Shangguan LingRan cultivated on Emei Mountain for eleven years.

And the Shangguan LingRan in An Wang fu was a substitute his grandfather Old Prime Minister Yang found.

Even An Wang was not aware of this matter. There was no other way. An Wang was good in everything, except family matters. He favored the Jiao Cefei that his brother the Emperor bestowed on him.

[TL Note: The raws previously said “Su Cefei,” but the author changed it to “Jiao Cefei.”]

He loved her and everyone associated with her. He even especially favored Jiao Cefei’s son. If the Empress Dowager did not have the Emperor make Shangguan LingRan the Shizi, the Shizi would not be him, Shangguan LingRan.

After Shangguan LingRan’s substitute was injured on the way to the capital and the news was secretly passed on to Shangguan LingRan’s grandfather, Old Prime Minister Yang had no choice but to recall the real him who was cultivating on Emei Mountain. He was secretly smuggled back into the capital.

As for who wanted to harm him, the matter was still unclear. To find out the truth, Shangguan LingRan had to disguise himself as the dandy tyrant that the original substitute was. He evaded plots and intrigues from those who wanted to harm him from all sides, while secretly investigating those who wanted to harm him.

As for how he encountered Zi You teaching Zhao HongXiang a lesson, it was because he found out that one of the people who wanted to harm him had secret dealings with Zhao HongXiang. Therefore, he snuck out from the banquet and ran to Zhao HongXiang’s study to look for clues. He didn’t expect to run into such an interesting situation.


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