Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 83.1 The Young Ruffian An Wang Shizi

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The teenager was looking around and did not expect that Zi You would suddenly spray a hallucinogen at him. He was caught. His arms loosened around Zi You and he slowly fell to the ground.

Zi You saw him succumb to the drug. She was about to use her embroidery needle to stab him, but suddenly stopped. She coldly sneered, “Since you’re not bad to a certain degree, I’ll just spare you this time. If you dare to interfere with my matters next time, see how I will deal with you!”

She fiercely kicked the teenager and then disappeared.

Zi You was focused on leaving so she did not see that the teenager lying on the ground slowly opened his extremely clear and deep phoenix eyes. He looked at the direction that Zi You left from and revealed a devilishly charming smile.

This little yatou was really fierce. If this Shizi did not have strong martial arts, this kick would make me sore for ten to fifteen days.

She was really cold and ruthless. This Shizi saved your reputation at the least. You weren’t appreciative but instead bit the hand that saved you and “drugged” me.

Fortunately, this Shizi was Xuanyuan Sect’s 157th sect master’s beloved disciple and practiced Xuantian Jue and reached the seventh stage. One would one’s breath automatically encountering hallucinogens or poison mists. Otherwise, he really would have succumbed to the little yatou’s trap.

It seemed like this yatou was proficient in using medicines since she could use her mouth to spray out drugs. That really was difficult to guard against and much more difficult to deal with than poisoning with one’s hands.

You dared to trap me? Little yatou, next time you meet this Shizi, see how this Shizi would deal with you.

This teenager that Zi You provoked was An Wang Shizi, Shangguan LingRan, one of the infamous “Four Tyrants.”


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