Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 82.1 Someone Saw Her Punishing the Slag Man

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Zhao HongXiang couldn’t help but deeply inhaled. His mind went blank and fell to the ground not knowing what happened.

Zi You smiled bitterly. Quick as lightning, a thin-as-a-cow’s-hair embroidery needle was inserted into his Weizhong point (behind the knee). She resentfully scolded, “**! Hypocrite, I’ll let you become a cripple. I want to see…” [It said ** in the raws.]

“Haha…” Zi You didn’t finish when she heard someone’s laughter. “I couldn’t tell tell that you little yatou is so malicious. He just likes you and wants to meet you alone. You don’t have to cripple him, right?”

The voice came from the roof. Zi You lifted her head and saw a devilishly handsome man similar to a demonic evildoer around fifteen or sixteen years old looking at her. He smiled an evil charming smile at her.

“It’s you?” Zi You recognized with one glance that this was the person who stole her dough figure in the market. She suddenly narrowed her eyes and threw the cow’s hair-thin embroidery needle at him.

The dandy xiaoye [young master, lord] repeatedly dodged and whispered smilingly, “Hey! You want to silence me? So poisonous. Be careful you can’t get married.”

The dough figure Zi You threw that day with 20% of her power was caught easily by him.

Today, she did not detect his breathing at all as he hung from the beams. So she knew this dandy’s martial arts weren’t weak. Therefore, she used her full power to fling the embroidery needle. She didn’t expect he could dodge.

Zi You thought about how he called her ugly at the market and how he discovered her taking care of Zhao HongXiang. Her anger rushed forwards.


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