Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 81.2 The Scum Son and Mother’s Scheme [2]

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“I’m sorry, Shizi! You’er is here to see the Duke and grandfather. If you don’t have any business, You’er will take her leave.”

Although Zi You wanted to take care of this scum, but since Née Chen called her over, she didn’t know if this scum designed some evil scheme. So Zi You interrupted his words delicately.

Who knew Zhao HongXiang would make a gesture like a drunkard at a brothel stopping a guniang? He frivolously said, “Don’t leave, You meimei. I’m the one who had mother call you here. I have lots of words to say to meimei. I…”

Scum man! He really was colluding with his mother to do bad things. You asked for it today. If didn’t teach you a lesson today, I would be sorry for the opportunity the heavens gave me.

Zi You’s beautiful eyes gradually turned purple. She suddenly smiled seductively. In a moment, it was like a purple mandara flower in full bloom, bewitchingly seductive and permeated the whole room.

That pair of purple eyes turned clear and sharp, like amethyst submerged underwater: crystal clear and emitting a dazzling light.

Her vermilion petal-like lips opened. A delicate voice sounding like music hooked Zhao HongXiang’s soul out. “To see me, Xiang gege [literally older brother, can be used to denote familiarity], doesn’t have to lie. Just call me and I will deinifetely come.”

She lightly turned around and went outside.

Zhao HongXiang looked at her as if he was high in the clouds: bewildered and confused. His mind was blank. His heartbeats were like drumbeats. His hands and feet weren’t in his control.

He grabbed Zi You and was about to speak, but Zi You blew a fragrant breath towards him. It smelled like orchid and musk and something he never smelled before.


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