Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 81.1 The Scum Son and Mother’s Scheme [2]

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Zi You turned to leave, but the study door was pushed open. Zhao HongXiang, wearing colorful clothing, actually opened the door and walked inside.

Zi You secretly sneered. It seemed it wasn’t the Duke who wanted to see her, but the Duke’s son. Before the engagement in her previous life, Zhao HongXiang also met her once privately. But that was when she was fourteen years old.

At that time, this hypocrite pretended to be deeply devoted to her. He talked about his love and admiration for her. When she flew into a rage out of humiliation, he swore, “You’er, I’m not taking advantage of you. But I cannot help myself. I did not consider too much. Please forgive my rashness!” He even cried two crocodile tears.

It was those tears that deeply moved her. When grandfather asked for her opinion on the engagement, she did not object.

When she married later on, General’s Manor gave her almost 60,000 silvers in dowry. That was almost a third of the General’s Manor fortunes. It really was ten miles of dowry gifts.

After the marriage, under her tearful pleading, grandfather recommended Zhao HongXiang to be a minister in the Ministry of War. He went from an empty-titled Duke Yongnan Shizi to a powerful military official.

Zi You looked at this enemy who strangled her to death. She hated that she couldn’t peel his skin off, drink his blood, and cut him into pieces!

Her nails pierced into her flesh. Zi You held back and didn’t go forwards to tear up this scumbag. She revealed a sweet smile and said, “Zi You pays respects to Shizi. Wishing Shizi good fortune.”

Zhao HongXiang saw that she was more elegant and exquisite today than that day at the Genera’s Manor. He couldn’t help but look lustfully at her, “You meimei [literally younger sister, can be used to denote familiarity], don’t have to mind such manners. I didn’t expect that meimei is more beautiful in these past two months without seeing you. I…”


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