Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 80.2 The Scum Son and Mother’s Scheme [1]

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Zi You had not finished speaking when Née Chen [Duke Yongnan furen] came over. She held Zi You’s wrists and said with a false smile, “I’m sorry to disturb you xiaojies. I’m looking for You’er for something. You’er, your grandfather and the Duke [Née Chen’s husband] want to see you. Come with me to the study, okay?”

Under everyone’s eyes, Zi You could not refuse. She nodded, “Please wait, aunt. Let me tell Auntie [Née Liu].”

Née Chen didn’t let go. “There’s no need. I’ve already told your Auntie. It won’t take too long. Just asking you two questions.”

Zi You did not suspect her. She thought that there were so many people watching her go with Née Chen. There was also Xia jiejie, Ji jiejie, and Liu jiejie to testify. She thought Née Chen wouldn’t dare to hold any conspiracies.

Née Chen pulled Zi You into the study called “Yixiang Zhai.”

Zi You saw that there was no one in the study. Also, the antiques inside were very luxurious and ostentatious. She was about to ask Née Chen, but Née Chen said, “Oh! It seems we’re here too early. Old General Mu and the Duke aren’t here yet. You’er, stay here and read some books for a while. I’ll go urge your grandfather and the Duke.”

Without waiting for Zi You’s response, she turned and left Zi You. She left very quickly, as if someone was chasing her.

Zi You immediately felt that something was wrong. She found out what was wrong with this study. These types of decorations… This was not Duke Yongnan’s study.


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