Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 79.2 Making Friends

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Zi You tilted her head and carefully examined the three’s facial features. Mischievously and charmingly, she replied, “It’s the same. There’s one nose, two ears, one mouth, and a pair of eyes. What is different?”

Then she blinked her big and bright-like-obsidian eyes.

When she didn’t use spiritual powers, her eyes were black. Once she used them, her eyes would become dark purple. If she continued to use powers, the purple would become lighter and lighter, until it was a completely transparent light amethyst color.

Only Old General Mu had seen the entire process. He sighed emotionally, “There are such beautiful eyes in the world!”

The three little guniangs were amused until they clutched their small cherry mouths and laughed.

Xia Ruoqing spoke with a heavy Jingdu accent, “But your nose is higher and your eyes are better-looking than ours. Your clothes are also a bit different?”

Ji Bingyu nodded along. “Yes, I heard some people say you’re not born from a Great Yan mother. Your mother is from Nanjiang. Is it true?”

Great Yan looked down on Nanjiang people. The three guniangs not looking at Zi You with contempt in their eyes was already very good.

Liu Ruixue was related to Née Liu so she understood some of Dier’s matters. She immediately rushed to say, “That’s not right. I heard from Aunt [Née Liu] that your mother was from India. She was from the same town as Buddha Siddharta Gautama, right?”

Zi You revealed a gorgeous smile, stunning the three little guniangs!

Even Née Liu, An Wangfei, and Duke Yongnan furen, Née Chen, who were watching on the side, secretly sighed. There was actually such a beautiful smile in the world. It was like a glittering snow lotus growing on top of an iceberg: crystal clear, cool, pure, and elegant.


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