Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 79.1 Making Friends

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What kind of words were these? So, that guy was picky and choosy. He was sixteen and a half years old and wasn’t engaged, making the Empress Dowager very impatient.

Zi You looked around and didn’t see Yu LanXuan. She thought Minister of revenue furen, Née Yu, must not have wanted to bring her Shu daughter into the limelight. So she only brought her youngest daughter who was not yet engaged, Yu Meilian, here.

After the meal ended and the play had not yet started, Née Yu looked meaningfully at the noble xiaojies, revealing a generous and friendly smile.

Three of them immediately turned their heads away and no longer looked at her. Three returned a friendly smile back to her.

Zi You now had an excellent memory, to the level of once-seen-never-forgotten. She recognized the three xiaojies who looked away. One was Right Minister’s Di granddaughter, Xia Ruoqing, twelve or thirteen years old. Another was Duke Jingnan’s fourth daughter, Ji Bingyu, also twelve or thirteen years old. The last was Née Liu’s cousin’s daughter, Duke Angguo’s youngest Di daughter, Liu Ruixue.

Liu Ruixue was fourteen years old and chosen to be Taizi’s cefei. The wedding was to be held before next year’s Mid-Autumn Festival. In other words, in less than a year, she would be married to the twenty-year-old Taizi, Shangguan Pengxuan.

Because they were older than her, Zi You went over and calmly curtsied. She lightly cleared her throat, “Greetings to Liu jiejie, Xia jiejie, and Ji jiejie!”

Since she came over to say hello first, the three guniangs immediately stood up and turned their bodies slightly to receive a half curtsy. Then they curtsied back and smiled. They said in unison, “You’re really pretty! Why do you look different from Great Yan’s people?”

If someone asked her this in her previous life, Zi You would be ashamed and angry. She would walk away and ignore others. But now she would not.


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