Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 78.2 An Wangfei’s Intentions [4]

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Since he was six years old, he stayed in the capital to accompany the Empress Dowager. He might have been passable then. But from the time he turned thirteen through sixteen, he was cockfighting, visiting prostitutes, spending time in drinking and debauchery, acting tyrannically, and oppressing the local people. Along with Ming Wang Shizi Shangguan Weiran, Duke Yongguo Shizi Zhu Likang, and, the Emperor’s favored consort Li Pin’s younger brother, Wei Mingrui, they were known as the capital’s “Four Tyrants.”

Zi You’s life would be ruined if she married such a man. Most people looked at Zi You with sympathetic gazes.

Zi You did not know An Wangfei’s intentions or the complex political situation. However, facing An Wangfei’s doting, the little yatou was still calm like a light breeze. She wasn’t arrogant, but calm and natural, gracefully eating.

An Wangfei saw her like this and couldn’t help but like her more. She secretly pondered that only this calm and unspoiled-by-favor attitude could suit her picky son.

Speaking of her son Shangguan LingRan, although he was a dandy, his requirements for women were particularly high.

The Empress Dowager chose numerous officials’’ xiaojies for her precious grandson, but he refused them all.

If he didn’t dislike one for having small eyes, then he disliked one for her nose. If he couldn’t find fault with appearances, then he disliked one’s voice for sounding unpleasant. Or he would say one’s name was ugly.

This was also one of the reasons Minister of Revenue’s furen was jealous of An Wangfei’s fondness for Zi You.

Her youngest daughter, Yu Meilian was disliked by Shangguan LingRan for her ugly walking posture. She was like an old duck, with a straight waist and fat bottom.

Even her name was criticized by that guy. “Yu Meilian. Even the fish don’t want face, how could she be beautiful then?” ***

***[Her name Meilian means beautiful lotus, but it sounds the same as Yu: fish, Meilian: without face/shame. LOL]


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