Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 78.1 An Wangfei’s Intentions [4]

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Zi You’s smile made An Wangfei couldn’t help but catch her breath.  Zi You’s charming smile lightly graced her face and eyes beamed brightly. The eyes were misty and so deep that one couldn’t see the bottom of them. They were like purple jade submerged in a hidden hot springs, like water and like ice accumulated over tens of thousands of years.

Those eyes were the most beautiful An Wangfei had ever seen! Zi You didn’t use her spiritual powers, but An Wangfei’s soul was almost hooked by her. She stared at Zi You, reluctant to even blink.

Zi You felt An Wangfei’s gaze on her. She had a calm and quiet smile on her face.

But no one thought that while she was peacefully smiling, she was using her spiritual power. She shot a stream of it towards Minister of Revenue furen’s waistband.

You want this Xiaojie to be uncomfortable? How can I lightly let you off? When your pants drop in public, I want to see how you could still talk.

This Xiaojie would not be as laughably naïve as the previous lifetime. Vengeance must be avenged. It would not drag over a night.

But this Xiaojie cannot be like her mother and communicate with the flowers she planted and the animals she raised. Otherwise, your fu would not be peaceful and I want to see how your Yu LanXuan can harm people.

An Wangfei did not think that this guniang who smiled as beautifully as a fairy was a little demoness. She was completely confused by Zi You’s sweet smile. Whether eating or watching a play, she must pull Zi You to sit next to her.

Everyone saw Zi You’s eyes and theirs gaze turned meaningful.

Did An Wangfei want Zi You to be her daughter-in-law? An Wangfei had only one Di son: the current An Shizi, Shangguan LingRan.

But although this Shizi was handsome and named Great Yan’s top beauty, he was a devil incarnate. Since young, he was spoiled rotten by the current Empress Dowager.


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