Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 77.2 An Wangfei’s Intentions [3]

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Née Liu was so angry that her face scrunched up. She was about to refute, but Zi You pulled her hand and scratched her palm twice.

Zi You wasn’t angry and unhurriedly said, “I don’t think learning medicine is cheap or low. Which person doesn’t get sick? If all doctors despised the medical field for it being the lowest social class, then who would treat people when they fall ill? What would the Emperor and consorts do without Imperial Doctors in the Palace? Would Furen not seek treatment when she is sick? Otherwise, wouldn’t Furen be low?”

“You!” Minister of Revenue furen was so angry her lips shook. She almost fainted.

Zi You was really clever. Even lying down, she could fire off a shot. Minister of Revenue furen’s love rival Sixth Yiniang was the biological older sister of Zi You’s stepmother, Wang Yiping. An Wangfei’s son Shangguan LingRan humiliated Minister of Revenue furen’s daughter. Because of these reasons, Zi You was also unpleasing to the eye.

When she heard Zi You was studying medicine, Minister of Revenue furen couldn’t help but stab her with words. The result was that she didn’t stab Zi You but was stabbed by Zi You instead.

Minister of Revenue furen’s face was turning purple from anger. Zi You feigned concern and said, “Please don’t be mad, Furen. It’s bad for your health. If Zi You said something wrong, Zi You is apologizing right now. You’re a magnanimous adult. Please don’t be bothered by Zi You.”

Everyone’s gaze at Minister of Revenue furen turned meaningful. A person of her age wasn’t as magnanimous as a little guniang.

An Wangfei immediately laughed out loud. “Minister of Revenue furen, how old are you? You couldn’t be younger than You’er? Or maybe you recovered your youthful vigor?”

An Wangfei’s words immediately attracted everyone’s laughter.

When Zi You saw An Wangfei supporting her, she smiled brightly at her.


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