Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 77.1 An Wangfei’s Intentions [3]

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An Wangfei immediately said to Née Liu, “Why don’t you tell your niece to accept them? They’re just objects, playthings for the child.”

That was true. Under everyone’s eyes, she didn’t speak of marriage, so what was the harm?

Née Liu thought of this and told Zi You, “Accept them then. Besides, Wangfei has plenty of good things. You have one pair, but Wangye can buy eight or ten more pairs for her.”

Everyone laughed. The atmosphere was lively.

Some other furens came over. They asked where Zi You bought her clothes from and also gave her gifts.

Zi You calmly replied and declined the gifts. She only accepted them with Née Liu’s permission.

When they heard that Zi You’s clothing were modeled after the ethnic clothing her mother left for her and personally modified, everyone marveled at Zi You’s ingenuity. Then they asked if she knew medicine. They heard earlier Zi You asking Duke Yongnan furen if Shizi was better after using her medicine. Everyone wanted to know if Zi You could treat illnesses.

Zi You modestly replied, “I am currently learning. To learn all of mother’s medical skills, I’m afraid I still need time and experience.”

At this time, Minister of Revenue furen, who was Yu LanXuan’s Di mother, laughed peculiarly and ridiculed, “Aiyo! Why is a noble xiaojie learning medicine? Aren’t doctors part of the lowest social class?”

The atmosphere quieted down again. Many people looked at Zi You, waiting for her to become hostile or embarrassed.


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