Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 76.2 An Wangfei’s Intentions [2]

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So, when Yang Yunchang saw Zi You, her heart was moved. She was Old General Mu’s most loved granddaughter. Even without that, she was very impressed with this guniang’s appearance, temperament, and grace.

The only regret was that she was too young. She would be thirteen years old in September. There was still two years before marriageable age. Wouldn’t her son have to wait two years when he was nineteen years old to marry his Zhengfei [legal consort]?

Ah! Let’s not worry about that first. The big matter was more important. The rest were small matters. If her son couldn’t hang on, a cefei or tongfang yatou would do.

As she was drifting off into space, someone asked Zi You about saving the person. Née Liu then repeated the story of how Zi You saved Duke Yongnan Shizi.

Then An Wangfei pulled Zi You, took off her own jade bracelets, and put them on Zi You’s hand.

Then she looked gently at her, revealing two charming dimples, “Good child. You not only know manners but are beautiful, brave, and witty. Really good! I haven’t met you before. These bracelets are my meeting gift for you.”

Zi You looked at the emerald-green, transparent jade without blemishes. It was the highest-quality jadeite. She immediately declined the gift, “You’er thanks Wangfei! This pair of bracelets is too precious and Wangfei’s beloved items. You’er does not dare to take Wangfei’s cherished items!”

An Wangfei saw that Zi You didn’t look at the bracelets with an overwhelmed-by-superior’s-favor expression and unconsciously nodded in praise. She said to Née Liu, “It’s because they are beloved items, that I’m giving them to You’er. Who made me like you once I saw you?”

Zi You did not dare to accept even more. An Wangfei’s identity was too sensitive. If Zi You did something wrong, she would bring trouble to grandfather. She once again declined.


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