Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 76.1 An Wangfei’s Intentions [2]

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When the previous Emperor died, if An Wang was not too young and had no foundation to sit on the throne, the Emperor would likely have been An Wang.

Shangguan Yixuan was very talented. In addition to being handsome, he was skilled in both civil and martial areas. Other than Old General Mu, he was the second person in Great Yan who repeatedly had military merits.

His fiefdom was in the northern part of Great Yan, Peicheng. Further north was the territory of the Xiongnus.

If An Wang wasn’t guarding the north, the Xiongnus would have crossed into Peicheng and invaded the Central Plains. Therefore, the Emperor heavily relied on this younger brother. But the Emperor suppressed him, was afraid of him, and was vigilant towards him. He was afraid he and An Wang would fall out one day and rebel. This was the reason the Emperor particularly relied on Old General Mu.

The Emperor could not be completely at ease with his biological younger brother because it was possible he could stab him a few times.

It could be seen that being the Emperor wasn’t so easy. He was scared and on edge all day, afraid of this and that. He even had a dagger under his pillow when he slept.

An Wang, Yang Yunchang, was the third Di granddaughter of Old Prime Minister Yang, who had participated in three generations of imperial courts. She was very charming and had two dimples when she smiled.

She looked pretty, but her words concealed daggers. If one was careless, she could stab one bloody.

Upon entering the city, Old Prime Minister Yang repeatedly ordered her to have good relations with Old General Mu’s family. She was to pay attention to girls of appropriate ages. Shizi [heir to noble title] Shangguan LingRan was seventeen years old this year and still had not married.

If they became in-laws with the Mu family, even if the Emperor wanted to touch An Wang, he would have to re-consider.

And no matter how much he favored the Su Cefei [side consort or concubine] the Emperor bestowed on him or liked her son, Shangguan Liran, he would not openly dare to favor them. Nor would he dare to publicly take the Shizi title away from Shangguan LingRan.


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