Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 75.1 An Wangfei’s Intentions [1]

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Zi You’s words made everyone suddenly realized. Ah! So it was like this. She was not familiar with your son. She just happened to save your son’s life coincidentally.

This woman most probably fancied Zi You as a daughter-in-law. Or why else would she put on a mother-in-law’s manner?

But listening to the guniang’s meaning, she didn’t seem to want anything to do with Duke Yongnan furen’s family. Her words appeared to be concerned but so polite that it made people think.

But this Duke Yongnan furen was really too much. You not repaying the life-saving grace was one thing. But now you forced someone to marry your son? How could there be someone be so lacking in morality and justice?

At the banquet today, there were two or three biological brothers and paternal male cousins of the Emperor.

The Emperor’s sixth sister-in-law, An Wangfei [legitimate consort of a Wang or Wangye (usually the Emperor’s brother or cousin)], was immediately unhappy.

Even if you wanted your son to marry a family’s guniang, you shouldn’t be like this right? After obtaining her consent, sending a matchmaker, and gifting betrothal gifts, then you can put on a mother-in-law’s manner. Or else, wouldn’t it ruin the guniang’s reputation?

This An Wangfei was one of the powerful figures in the hall today.

One was the current Emperor’s Shangguan Haoyu’s big brother: Ning Wang, Shangguan Mingxuan. Ning Wang’s mother, Empress Song, was the previous Emperor’s legitimate wife. But she passed away when Ning Wang was six years old.

At that time, the previous Emperor was not yet Taizi [Crown Prince], but an unfavored Third Wangzi [son of the Emperor].

Later, Third Wangzi married the current Empress Dowager: Liu Jingling, the daughter of Duke Anguo who held military power. He gradually showcased talent and was noticed by the previous Emperor with the support of the Liu family. He finally obtained the title of Taizi and inherited the whole nation.


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