Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 74.2 Zi You Stands Out and Attracts Attention

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So when her son made a fuss, she once said, “Marrying such a beautiful wife, are we’re going to pray to her like a Bodhisattva? Being virtuous is good. Mother won’t oppose no matter how beautiful your concubines look in the future.”

However, her son jumped up and shouted, “Son only wants You’er. Son won’t marry if it’s not her!”

Duke Yongnan also told her, “A woman’s insight is indeed short. Zi You is Old General Mu’s most treasured granddaughter. Ignoring other things, based on Old General Mu’s character and prestige, could the granddaughter he brought up not be virtuous? Besides, you want my Zhao family’s Di grandson and Di granddaughter to not look outstanding? Muddleheaded!”

After her husband and son said that, Duke Yongnan furen had a change of heart. She decided to have Zi You as her daughter-in-law.

However, before she had time to mention a marriage proposal, her daughter-in-law was stared at by so many people. How could she not be nervous?

Duke Yongnan furen immediately went over to separate the crowd. She grabbed Zi You’s hand and pretended to smile intimately at her. She said, “You’er, why don’t you come over to play? You and Xiang’er are so familiar with each other. Or you want Aunt to send you an invitation?”

These words made people think. Zi You and my son were so familiar with each other that she didn’t need an invitation to visit. Just think, how good was their relationship?

Née Liu immediately was unhappy. She was about to speak but saw Zi You calmly and slowly withdrew her hand from Duke Yongnan furen. She smiled, “Aunt, did Shizi [heir to noble title] have a fever after he fell into the water? You’er doesn’t know if her medicine worked. You didn’t return so he must be recovered. Aunt, please tell Shizi to not play by the edge of the pond. It’s very dangerous. Fortunately, You’er came upon him at the General’s Manor that day. Otherwise, how dangerous it would have been! Ah!”


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