Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 74.1 Zi You Stands Out and Attracts Attention

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Old General Mu and Mu YingYi’s reputations were originally high. Née Liu was also a titled second-rank furen. There were already lots of people currying favor with them. With the addition of Zi You being so outstanding, those greeting and talking to Née Liu increased.

Of course, Née Liu immediately introduced Zi You to noble furens and xiaojies.

Zi You was courteous and thoughtful. With a quiet and dignified smile on her face, she answered everyone’s questions calmly, in a neither servile nor overbearing tone.

She originally had a sweet voice. Now that she was speaking, she attracted even more attention. For a time, several furens inquired from Née Liu whether Zi You was betrothed.

Great Yan’s Jingdu and Dongdu dialects were hard to listen to.

Zi You’s mother could speak Indian, Chinese, and other Nanjiang dialects. Zi You learned from her mother when she was young. Although she was not fluent in the dialects spoken by the Nanjiang ethnic groups, but understanding them was not a problem.

As for Chinese and Indian, she spoke very well, like her mother. Her speech pattern was learned from her mother. Her mother told her what was the best easiest and best intonation.

So Zi You grew up speaking Chinese and not eastern dialects.

Zi You was so outstanding that several furens were paying attention to her. Duke Yongnan furen was anxious.

Because after her husband went to the General’s Manor as a guest, he returned full of praise for Zi You. Her son also made noise several times that he wanted to go to the General’s Manor to propose marriage.

Duke Yongnan furen was conflicted over Zi You’s glamorous appearance. She thought the saying “an ugly wife is a treasure at home” made a lot of sense. Marrying a wife meant marrying virtuousness. Why did he need such a beautiful wife?


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