Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 73.2 I Want My Family to Be Proud of Me

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Someone recognized that it was a horse carriage from the General’s Manor and immediately whispered softly, “It’s the General’s Manor horse carriage. Is she not Old General Mu’s eldest Di granddaughter, the one who doesn’t want to see others?”

“It seems to be. Two years ago, her facial features seemed a bit special but wasn’t as beautiful. Why does it seem like she turned into a different person after a short, two years of not seeing her?”

“Yes, yes. When she used to meet people, she had her head down, hunched her back, and didn’t speak, just like a closed gourd. But now……”


Most people couldn’t hear such low conversation. But because Zi You practiced martial arts, she had sharp ears. She naturally heard and understood everyone’s words clearly.

She could not help but secretly sneer. Before? Before, she was afraid of everyone staring at her, talking about her different, alien appearance, and laughing at her mother for being a lowly Nanyi person. She was too ashamed to hold her head up.

But now she’s figured it out. Her grandfather and uncle treated her mother with so much respect. Why should she feel inferior and ashamed because her mother was of a different ethnicity because Great Yan’s people?

One day, she would have Great Yan’s citizens respect her like they did grandfather and uncle. She would certainly have her family and mother be proud of her.

Zi You straightened her back, lifted her head, thrust out her chest, slightly lowered her chin, and calmly and leisurely walked with a dignified and elegant pace to Née Liu’s side.


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