Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 73.1 I Want My Family to Be Proud of Me

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Zhao HongXiang, wait for me. If I didn’t make you wish you were better off dead than alive, then I, Mu Zi You, would be squandering the opportunity the heavens gave me.

Zi You picked up her makeup brush and started to put on makeup. She had on pale silver eye shadow, glossy pink lip gloss, a diamond-encrusted pink flower between her eyebrows, and long and curly eyelashes.

She braided her wavy, black hair into a large braid decorated with strands of white, glass beads. Two strands of hair were left brushing against her cheeks. The wind blowing them added a bit of seductive charm.

A twelve-year-old little girl was already beautiful enough to shock people. Her noble temperament, elegant makeup, cold eyes, and elegant posture made her unforgettable.

Her every gesture inadvertently revealed an enchanting manner and charm that drew people into lingering in the dream.

Even when Old General Mu and Mu YingYi saw this kind of Zi You, they had a “our family’s daughter grew up” kind of feeling. They smiled until their eyes curved.

The people Duke Yongnan fu invited were all from the high, noble society. There were lots of royalty, including Wangzis [princes, usually sons of the Emperor] and Wangyes [princes, brothers of the Emperor or of bestowed title]. Everyone brought their family’s gongzis and xiaojies. To put it bluntly, this opportunity was to sell their own gongzis and xiaojies in order to find a good daughter- or son-in law.

Zi You was wearing a narrow-on-top, but wide-in-the-bottom dress. A greenish silver threaded silk cape draped over her shoulders. She seemed like a person from Great Yan, but also from India. Even hidden among a group of gorgeously-dressed woman, one could see her with a glance.

So she immediately attracted everyone’s attention as soon as she alighted from the horse carriage. Someone even exclaimed, “Heavens! Who is this? Why haven’t I seen here before? She’s so beautiful!”


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