Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 72.2 Attending a Banquet at Duke Yongnan Fu

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Shameless bastard! There was no difference between his tone of voice and those customers of Chuyao Guan. Why were all men like this? Why weren’t there any men who had Young General’s uprightness and steadiness and one she could entrust her life to?

Shui YouLian was very disappointed in her heart. Her face held a sense of loss. She pretended to be shy and turned to leave. But Mu YingRui tightly held onto her small hand. “Darling is about to become Ye’s beloved concubine. Why are you still shy?”

At any rate, Shui YouLian had seen all kinds of men at Chuyao Guan. Of course she knew how to handle them. She tried to break free and faintly whispered, “Ye is bad. You only know how to bully me.”

“This counts as bullying? Wait for Ye’s injury to heal and see how Ye bullies you…” Mu YingRui words were more obscene. He pulled Shui YouLian and lecherously kissed her.

Shui YouLian resisted and loosened the reins only to grasp them better. She came every night to have a private meeting with Mu YingRui. She enticed him until he almost lost his soul.

The next day was August 16. Noble families began to hold feasts and banquets. The General’s Manor received a pile of invitations. The first was Duke Yongnan fu.

Because the first household couldn’t attend, Old General Mu and Mu YingYi and his wife only took along Zi You.

Zi You looked in the mirror. Her beautiful face showed an evil smile.


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