Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 72.1 Attending a Banquet at Duke Yongnan Fu

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Mu YingRui felt a feather gently sweeping his heart. After a tingling, his body went soft. Even the pain of being beaten was relieved by a lot.

What was that saying? “To die under a peony blossom, even being a ghost would be romantic.” It was very befitting of Mu YingRui.

Seeing this little beauty being so sad over him, he didn’t care about his pain anymore. He extended a finger and lifted up Shui YouLian’s delicate chin. His voice was low and soft, “Are these tears for Ye?”

Shui YouLian’s watery eyes were bashful and timid. With light worry, heartache, and a Lin DaiYu-style gaze, she stared affectionately at Mu YingRui. With glistening teardrops and faint breathing, she said, “It’s all YouLian’s fault. Why did YouLian meet Laoye? If not for YouLian, furen wouldn’t have punished Xiaojie and Laoye wouldn’t have been beaten by Lao TaiYe. Laoye, Lian’er… Lian’er’s heart is in pain! Why was Laoye beaten and not Lian’er? Lian’er rather… rather have the ten board hits on Lian’er’s body and not have Laoye suffer. Wuu…”

Weeping sorrowfully, she fell in front of Mu YingRui. Her whole body trembled like fallen leaves in the cold wind.

Mu YingRui was like a young schoolboy in love. He felt a burst of ecstasy. His heart changed to a puddle of spring water.

Such a delicate and flower-like little woman was this sad due to worry for him. Mu YingRui’s vanity was greatly satisfied.

He drew Shui YouLian over and kissed her……

However, Mu YingRui still knew what was good for him. The lower half of his body was seriously injured. If he didn’t heal well, there would be long-term consequences.

Mu YingRui took a few breaths and calmed down. He gently scraped her pretty, little nose with his fingers. He lowly laughed. “You little alluring demon! You almost hooked Ye’s soul out. If Ye wasn’t injured, really want to… Wait for Ye recuperate and heal, then Ye will love you well.”


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