Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 71.2 The Yiniangs Visit Laoye

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“What? Furen went overboard! Xiaojie is deceased furen’s only blood left and Laoye’s only Di daughter. Even if she was wrong, she shouldn’t be hit?” Second Yiniang deliberately exclaimed loudly.

The other women started to immediately lively discuss. Of course, no one denounced Wang Yiping directly.

Fourth Yiniang hid her small, cherry-red lips and sighed. “Ah… furen is too impatient. She’s not pregnant with Laoye’s child yet, but she’s already planning for her future. Actually, she doesn’t need to be like this. Xiaojie is not male. Who can take away her oldest Di son’s title when she gives birth? If she has a girl, what would be the point if it’s not the oldest Di daughter? Wouldn’t the child still be Laoye’s child? It would be strange if Lao TaiYe is not angry when she treated Xiaojie like that.”

Third Yiniang was from the north. She spoke a pleasant-sounding Wu dialect in a delicate and childish voice. But her words were like a soft knife: devious. “Fourth Yiniang, you don’t know this. Someone is a first, legal furen. But once she sees Xiaojie, the word “first” is thrown. How can her heart be happy?”

Mu YingRui had not thought too much. But once reminded by his yiniangs, he understood why Wang Yiping treated Zi You like that.

Ah! So your so-called love for me was for your plans?

This way, Mu YingRui’s original impression of Wang Yiping being virtuous and kindhearted was shattered.

But things were not over yet. Mu YingRui pained until he was covered in a cold sweat. With great difficulty, he dazedly fell asleep. But he heard someone crying by his bedside. He opened his eyes and saw Shui YouLian in the moonlight.

The little guniang was silently crying. She was more delicate and beautiful than pear blossoms in the rain, provoking people to have tender affection.


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