Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 71.1 The Yiniangs Visit Laoye

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Although the boards were not as heavy as the military rods, but every hit was burningly painful!

Damn that woman! Why was Ye so unlucky to marry such a jinx?! Mu YingRui shouted and inwardly cursed.

Wang Yiping hated her husband’s selfishness. He did not support her at the crucial moment. Kneeling in front of dead people’s memorial tablets, in the pitch-dark ancestral hall, without food or water: wasn’t this a living hell? And this was also a very shameful thing. If it was spread out, she didn’t need to live anymore!

First, the servants of the General’s Manor would look down on her. And who knew how her sisters at Duke Yingguo fu would laugh at her. That mean Di mother would also make cutting remarks to her yiniang again.

Wang Yiping seemed to have seen her maiden family laughing at her and the Manor’s servants treating her with contempt. Kneeling in the ancestral hall, she was angry until her body trembled and her hands and feet were ice-cold.

Mu YingRui suffered ten hits and his buttocks were in pain again.

As he was being carried back, he said ill-tempered to the servants carrying him to Wang Yiping’s courtyard, “Send Ye to the study.”

Mu YingRui entered the study and lay on the bed. He didn’t even take a deep breath yet when his three yiniangs and tongfang yatou came in.

Their words were about the same. “You suffered, Laoye. What is this about? You’re been hit right after the festival?”

If they didn’t ask, it was fine. But once asked, it was like adding oil to a fire. Mu YingRui’s hatred towards Wang Yiping grew!

He couldn’t help but play the nice guy. “This is all thanks to furen. After the festival, she wanted to hit Xiaojie.”


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