Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 70 Old General Mu Angrily Punishes His Poisonous Son and Daughter-In-Law [3], Part 1

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She wanted to tell Old General Mu that she beat Zi You because Zi You scolded her. She wanted to embarrass Old General Mu so Mu YingRui could argue for himself.

However, from the moment Mu YingRui heard “family laws,” he was already so scared that he couldn’t take her into consideration. Instead, he had his heart set on pushing her out to protect himself from suffering physical pain.

And Old General Mu had already seen through her intentions. He couldn’t help but coldly sneer. “You’er just scolded you. The fact that she didn’t tell me about your evil words and deeds has already given you face. Is You’er’s biological mother someone you can slander? As a second wife and a concubine, you have the logic to insult my granddaughter’s biological mother? Née Wang, I’m going to ask your father how he taught you. What is the punishment for insulting your husband, his Di wife, father, daughter, and the whole family?”

Mu YingRui knew his father was really angry this time. If his wife’s Di mother found out about this matter, the upper-class society would know Wang Yiping’s character.

Wang Yiping being scolded was a small matter, but his official name and reputation being affected was a big matter. What commoners’ official could not control his woman and let her insult his family?

In order to quell Old General Mu’s anger, Mu YingRui immediately grabbed Wang Yiping’s hair and slapped her more than a dozen times. “You cheap person! This Ye spoiled you rotten! Is Ye’s deceased wife and daughter people you can scold? Is Ye’s family people you can curse? Ye wants to divorce you, divorce you…”

It should be said that Mu YingRui understood his father very well. He knew if he was willing to punish Wang Yiping, his father would let the both of them go.

Indeed, when Old General Mu saw his son punish and beat the second wife, his facial expression turned better and not as dark as before.


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