Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 69 Old General Mu Angrily Punishes His Poisonous Son and Daughter-In-Law [2], Part 2

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Old General Mu got angry again and kicked Mu YingRui hard. He turned to Wang Yiping and glared at her. His gaze that was like a torch made Wang Yiping unable to hide.

She was scared into lowering her head again. Her whole body shivered and leaned towards Mu YingYui, pretending to be weak and helpless.

Old General Mu looked at her with contempt and shook his head. He sighed, “Your yiniang’s birth is not good. I originally did not agree to this marriage. But YingRui had to marry you regardless so I reluctantly agreed. But it seems like I was wrong. You married for so long and if YingRui is around, you don’t know your place. I’m warning you. I know everything you do. Don’t hold any more wishful thinking. If you dare to hurt You’er again, I will ask for a decree to divorce you! I do what I say. If you don’t believe me, try it.”

When he finished, Wang Yiping was so scared that her clothes were soaked through with sweat.

It seemed like this old thing knew she secretly calculated and harmed Mu Zi You. Otherwise, he wouldn’t dissuade her.

It seemed like she needed to be more careful. Because this old thing had the trust of the Emperor, if he really asked the Emperor for a divorce, the rest of her life would be ruined.

Wang Yiping crawled on the ground and cried heartbreakingly. “Father, daughter-in-law won’t… won’t do it again! Daughter-in-law was… was muddleheaded tonight! That’s why such a thing… such a muddleheaded thing happened. Although You’er talked… talked back and scolded daughter-in-law, she’s still young. Daughter-in-law really shouldn’t… shouldn’t lower herself to her level. Daughter-in-law was wrong, father… Daughter-in-law would… would never hit You’er again…”


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