Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 69 Old General Mu Angrily Punishes His Poisonous Son and Daughter-In-Law [2], Part 1

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Zi You looked at her grandfather with admiration and tearfully nodded. Her heart secretly swore that no matter what, she must learn martial arts and medicine to protect her loved ones. Only if they live would she not be isolated and helpless. And only if they live, would she have her loved ones’ affectionate care.

In the study, Old General Mu looked at his eldest son and daughter-in-law. He angrily shouted, “Kneel!”

He turned to the butler, “Initiate the family laws!”

Mu YingRui howled like a pig being killed. “Don’t, father! Son knows his wrongs! Son will strictly supervise Née Wang and have her treat You’er well!”

Old General Mu kicked Mu YingRui until he was sprawled on the ground. He shouted in a towering rage, “You also aren’t some good thing! No wonder people say if there’s a stepmother, there’s a stepfather. Your mother passed away early. I never remarried to let you and YingYi not suffer difficulties. I don’t blame you for not wanting to be lonely and taking in concubines. But look at this woman you married. Jealous, poisonous and evil, intolerant, and trouble-seeking. Not one bit of decency and dignity. Each one of these is enough to divorce her.”

Wang Yiping’s head that was bowed jerked up. She looked incredulously at Old General Mu.

Old General Mu ignored her and said with grief, “You’er is so obedient and sensible. She lost her mother at a young age. If you two showed a bit of concern and love towards her, I can rest assured. But how do you act? For selfish desires, you drugged the child and made her unconscious from fever. Then you beat the child. Her arm is all bloody. Are you blind? You can’t see it? But you’re unconcerned. I won’t mention how you’re selfish, cold-blooded, and lustful. But You’er is your own biological daughter. How could you have the heart to do it? Huh?”


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