Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 68 Old General Mu Angrily Punishes His Poisonous Son and Daughter-In-Law [1], Part 2

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At this point, the iron-like warrior’s eyes reddened and he couldn’t speak anymore. Dier left behind this only treasure. If something happened to Zi You, how could he face that passionate and righteous woman?

Née Liu was immediately happy. “That’s a good idea. Father, why don’t you let me adopt You’er as my daughter? I wish I had such a sensible and lovable daughter.”

Old General Mu pondered for a moment and then nodded. “En, handing You’er to you two, I can also rest assured.”

Zi You wanted to be Mu YingYi’s daughter too. But then if Wang Yiping commit evil, she wouldn’t be able to interfere.

Zi You stood up and rushed into Née Liu’s arms. She said excitedly, “Aunt, You’er also wants to have a mother like you. More than that, You’er wants to call Uncle ‘father’. But You’er can only treat you two as parents in her heart. Grandfather, Uncle, Aunt, think about it. If the first household is handed to her and no one holds her back, we don’t know what she would do. If she really wants to do some dirty things, she would sully the whole General’s Manor’s reputation. You’er must look over her.

“Besides, father is still alive. If You’er is really adopted under Uncle’s name, wouldn’t father be losing a lot of face? What if he hates Uncle? You’er can’t be responsible for father and Uncle to be at odds! Grandfather, Uncle, Aunt, rest assured. You’er will be careful from now on and won’t let her injure me again. You’er was careless tonight and didn’t think she would dare to hit me, so she succeeded.”

Zi You finished speaking. At this time, the butler came to report that First Laoye and First Furen were waiting in Old General Mu’s study.

Old General Mu stood up and said to Zi You, “Don’t worry. Grandfather will support you and help you vent your anger. So she won’t dare to bully you again.”


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