Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 68 Old General Mu Angrily Punishes His Poisonous Son and Daughter-In-Law [1], Part 1

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Zi You smiled comfortingly at her grandfather. She shook her head and said sweetly, “Don’t worry, grandfather. You’er can actually cure this little injury and won’t leave a scar. Don’t go see the Emperor. If granddaughter doesn’t even have this bit of skill, how could she hope to qualify to be a female doctor for the army? Grandfather, You’er asked for a doctor because she wanted father to see that woman’s true face and no longer be fooled by her.”

Née Liu affectionately touched the fingerprint marks on Zi You’s face. She angrily asked, “That vicious woman! Why would she hit you?”

Zi You feigned she was in difficulties and shook her head. “I also don’t know. Father saw that Shui YouLian was pitiful so he wanted to take her as his concubine. I thought that isn’t too appropriate, but YouLian agreed. So I couldn’t say too much and went to explain to mother.”

Zi You’s tears glistened in her eyes and looked pitiful. “But when I got there, before I could even speak, I saw the floor filled with broken porcelain. I asked mother what happened and she immediately ordered me to kneel…”

Zi You tearfully explained the events. Old General Mu angrily smacked his hand on a table. The table broke into pieces. “Poisonous woman! She can’t control her husband and takes her anger out on you. Someone, call First Laoye and First Furen over. They’re rebelling. This old man is still alive and they dare to bully my motherless granddaughter.”

Mu YingYi said with a cold face, “I will call them. Father, ask brother if he’s willing to let me adopt You’er. I will be You’er’s father. I can’t stand it anymore. We’re still here and they dare to treat You’er like this. If one day, we’re not here, You’er…”


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