Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 67 Zi You is Injured, Loved Ones Are Distressed [2], Part 2

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He must be very careful treating her wounds in order to not leave a scar. Or it would be a sin to destroy such a work of art.

Besides, who were the two generals? They were the great pillars holding up Great Yan. Were they people he could provoke? Even the Emperor had to give the Old General some face. What did Imperial Doctor Shi count as?

Imperial Doctor Shi felt nervous like he never had before. After treating Zi You’s wounded, he had already sweated through his clothes.

Wiping off the sweat on his forehead, the old Imperial Doctor said with a dry mouth, “Xiaojie’s injury is not light. The broken porcelain has been extracted but the wounds, although not deep, are in the elbow. It is not convenient. Therefore, Xiaojie cannot do any work and try not to move the arm. Also, pay attention to not getting it wet and aggravating the injury.”

Old General Mu anxiously and hurriedly asked, “Will it leave a scar? Do we need medicine?”

Imperial Doctor Shi quickly bowed and replied, “I will write a prescription for the medicine. It’s hard to say whether there would be a scar. The two deeper wounds would remain… Old General Mu, why don’t you make a request to the Emperor? Xiyu has presented a top-quality injury medicine, ‘Nine Flower Snow Cream.’” It is said to be a good medicine for scars. The Palace’s nobility treat it like a treasure.”

Old General Mu nodded and gestured towards a table. “Imperial Doctor Shi, please write the prescription.”

After the doctor left, Old General Mu softly and distressedly comforted Zi You, “You’er, don’t worry. Grandfather will go to the Palace tomorrow morning and request Nine Flower Snow Cream from the Emperor. You will not have a scar.”


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